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King of golden mask

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King of golden mask


  1. MBC King of golden mask is Cleopatra
  2. The King of Mask pack is golden mask
  3. 24K GOLD+Royal Jelly+Geumsayeon nest +Propolis extract
  4. No harmful ingredient (paraffin, Chemical, benzophenone, Mineral Oil, artificial color)
  5. 100% natural cottonseed extract materials with cupra fiber sheet made golden foil which is protecting water evaporates off and increases the absorption of the active ingredient from Premium mask
  6. Ultra excellent cross-section of the fibers supply the skin rolled up (water holding system)
  7. 99.5% 24K gold included with moisturizing protection sleeping pack
  8. The formulation influenced skin tension with high nutritional that skin become more smooths and shinny with healthy looking.
  9. Moreover, beautiful and luxurious 99.5% 24K gold mask create completion skin care to more premium
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King of golden mask